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Former America West Pilots Prevail in Phoenix District Court

A group of former America West pilots prevailed this afternoon in a Phoenix, Arizona courtroom.The jury ruled that the US Airline Pilots Association failed to uphold its Duty of Fair Representation. Read the story by Dawn Gilbertson of the Arizona Republic.

Nobody should be terribly surprised by the outcome. Unfortunately, it is only the fifth inning of a scheduled nine inning game for the US Airways pilots to agree to a merged list. The right decision was reached by the jury in this case.

Are represented employees ever going to learn that the grass is never greener when AMFA ideology is utilized? Their approach is simply to over promise and under deliver.

What no one will say publicly at least: without the plan of reorganization for the former US Airways that included a merger with America West, the former US Airways [East] pilots would likely have landed in the unemployment line.  And someone other than "Sully" Sullenberger would have been the captain on the flight that successfully landed on the Hudson.

It really is high time to put together a national seniority list in order that transactions like mergers can take place without labor diversions.