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April 29, 2010 is not May Day, rather a sad day.  A sad day in that an ill-conceived tarmac delay rule became a reality. 

Legislate, regulate only serves to resuscitate bad practice.  Now we will have irate at the gate.  A Kate Hanni update:  the mandate you helped create will only placate.  Chronic late at the gate will cause the flight to terminate and thus demand to dislocate because the system cannot immediately reaccomodate.

Speechless that this rule has become reality.  All the while there is talk to legislate that fees cannot be charged for carry-on luggage.  Where does it stop when it comes to this industry?  A real sad day when Chuck Schumer and Kate Hanni are acting as experts and are influencing rules under which this industry must operate.  Really sad.

At least there might be an interesting consolidation story to think and write about.  But I am sure that will be anti-consumer when the Kate Hanni love-in is pro-consumer.  NOT.

It is not lost on me that the airlines themselves invited this rule to be imposed.  What is lost on me is the fact that this industry is not permitted to compete with a structure that mirrors other industries competing in the global marketplace.

Much more to come.

Reader Comments (4)

The unintended consequences of this are going to be real lessons. The airlines invited this on themselves. Perhaps if the most canceled flights are out DCA it gets the message across. This will be a lesson that simply has to be learned the hard way. That said, its amazing the airlines cannot explain how this works out. Airlines will cancel flights with a looming risk of a $4m fine in a heartbeat, or a cloud in the sky. Who can blame them? As Darrel Jenkins has pointed out, often the difference between a profitable flight and a loser is one ticket. Oh well, its going to be a fun summer.

04.29.2010 | Unregistered CommenterAddison Schonland

Truly amazing how much time and energy is being spent here on a rule that affects a very small percentage of overall flights operated. Seriously, no big deal.

On a side note, why isn't there a call for the resignation of Doug Parker, CEO of U.S. Airways/America West. Saving a couple million a quarter to keep workers separate has created a hostile work environment and a regressive company no one want's to dance with. Nice leadership. Shareholders are paying a huge price for Doug's lack of vision and foresight.

04.30.2010 | Unregistered CommenterAM

It really is sad to see the government stranglehold on airlines while they let the financial instituitions run wild. I have no problem with the banks, but I do resent the way the airlines are treated compared to every other industry. Is the airline industry really de-regulated??

05.3.2010 | Unregistered CommenterRegional FO

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